The Electronic Conspiracy // Scénographie vidéo

janvier 1, 2012 dans Scénographie video, Side projects par ajx-sd

Création d’une scénographie vidéo pour le groupe The Electronic Conspiracy (Paris) / Set vidéo + écran adapté aux visuels à structure triangulaire.
Scénographie de la tournée 2011-2012 pour l’album « Nuits blanches » (Washi Washa / Warner Music).

The Electronic Conspiracy // DIRTY ELECTRO ROCK
Members: V (Drummer/Beat/Programming) & JC (Vocals/Keyboards)

The Electronic Conspiracy is a dirty electro-rock duo from Paris, France. Adapting the energy of rock and punk into electronic music, T.E.C. brings us a unique blend of screaming synths and rhythmic rage with live acoustic drums. Their music is a contribution to a new electro-rockers’ generation. The duo’s members, Vince (drummer/music producer) and JC (vocals/Keyboards), have collaborated in rock and hardcore bands for several years. T.E.C. is based on the concept of injecting raw human energy into electronic music: No midi quantification, just live! « Show me how you do it », the first single from the unreleased album Nuits Blanches, showcases the band’s energy. The Electronic Conspiracy’s big beats & distorted bass lines combine to create hot and dangerous dance floor music that is guaranteed to get you down and dirty. T.E.C. are supported by a talented artistic community comprising Capitol Studios Paris (recording), Capsule Workshop (artwork), Taschatt (photograph), Fat Bros Productions and Souris Film (video), Goom (radio) and Ambiguous (clothing)…


>> Captures écran du set vidéo STRAIGHT DISORDER




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